Sindhu and Jeet’s Detective Agency

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Sindhu’s family are at Chennai airport waiting for their flight to London. Sindhu is especially excited because her best friend and detective partner is coming on holiday with them. The only slight problem is that Jeet actually wants to see the sights and be a proper tourist while Sindhu is already looking for the next mystery to solve.

And she doesn’t have to wait long. Before they’ve even boarded the plane, the pair spot suspicious goings-on and use their investigative skills to gather evidence and foil a plot to steal passengers’ luggage.

Once in London, the crimes just keep on coming with the theft of paintings from Tower Bridge and an elaborate fraud at the Natural History Museum.

Published as part of the Bloomsbury Readers collection, Sindhu and Jeet’s adventures are split into three connected stories aimed at helping to develop confidence in reading at Key Stage 2.

Spreading the action between India and the UK adds interest while the use of humour, likeable characters, large print and incidental black-and-white illustrations increases accessibility and aids understanding.

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