Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Diamonds

Publisher: Scholastic

Young John Watson is a new arrival at the Baker Street academy. Soon he is befriended by quite a rude, lanky but very intelligent boy named Sherlock Holmes. The two, along with their friend Martha Hudson quickly settle in to life at the school. Yet when a school trip to the museum sees the world famous Alpine Star jewel stolen, it's up to Sherlock, John and Martha to solve the case.

Hearn has attempted what many writers have failed at, the adventures of a young Sherlock Holmes, and has actually pulled it off. The book retains the traditional feel of a detective story while also including lots of extras for modern effect. The inclusion of John Watson's blog and detective notes, Baker Street Academy school assignments, media reports and comic strips, are brilliant touches. The Baker Street Academy series is definitely one to look out for.

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