Nancy Parker’s Diary of Detection

(1 reviews with an average rating of 2 out of 5)

Publisher: Oxford University Press

It's 1920, and 14-year-old Nancy is throwing off the shackles of school to find a job. Her first choice in careers would be a detective - but that idea has to go on the back burner, when she finds a paid job as a maidservant in the house of the most fashionable lady in town. But all is not what it seems.

Miss Bryce seems to be very slow at paying her bills, including Nancy's wages - and her long-serving cook is certainly suspicious. Luckily, Nancy's been keeping a diary of detection. And when it's time to crack the case, she's the one with all the evidence!

The historical setting adds fun detail to this mysterious romp with our hardy heroine Nancy Parker. She's a daydreamer, but a hard worker - and her diary entries are full of endearing doodles and 'guestimate' spellings. A host of other fun characters add sparkle and mischief to this dastardly drama.

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