She Persisted Around the World

13 Women Who Changed History

Publisher: Puffin/Philomel Books

From relentless campaigners to pioneering scientists, and from brave schoolgirls to creative geniuses, it's impossible not to feel inspired by the 13 women featured in She Persisted Around the World.

Author Chelsea Clinton and illustrator Alexandra Boiger previously collaborated on a She Persisted book about American women, but Around the World expands their scope to highlight global game changers.

And while there have been plenty of titles in the "herstory" genre recently, this picture book is a welcome addition with glorious illustrations from Boiger alongside fascinating, simply told stories and motivational quotes from the women themselves.

It's great to see household names alongside people that children (and adults) might not have heard about before, so that J K Rowling rubs shoulders with Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee and Marie Curie is featured in the same pages as Brazilian footballer Sisleide 'Sissi' Lima do Amor.

"She persisted" is a running theme throughout, too, with Clinton explaining how each woman overcame adversity to achieve their goals – an exhilarating message for young readers that is brilliantly echoed by the final call to 'speak up, rise up, dream big'.

Note that some American spelling is used in the book.

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