Shadow of the Fox

Publisher: HQ (imprint of Harper Collins)

In a faraway land, they tell of a mythical Dragon-god who appears only once every thousand years and can grant any wish. Few humans know that the Dragon is no myth. But summoning it is a dangerous, bloodthirsty business.

As Lady Satomi sacrifices innocent lives to malevolent demons, Yumeko is fleeing from a burning temple carrying a priceless artefact. Escaping through the forest, she crosses paths with Kage Tatsumi, a murderous ninja samurai, whose mission is to retrieve the very artefact she is concealing.

As Yumeko and Tatsumi each hide secrets from the other, they form an uncomfortable alliance and embark on an epic quest that will put them both in mortal danger.

First of a new trilogy, and drawing inspiration from the culture, folklore and myths of Japan, this supernatural fantasy thriller is compelling and utterly absorbing.

Despite being packed with demons, monsters, blood mages and man-eating ghosts, the story feels very real as the flawed characters and first-person narrators really get under your skin. Readers are likely to reach the end of this book desperate for the next instalment.

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