Scoop McLaren: Waves of Mystery

Publisher: New Frontier

Scoop McLaren, Detective Editor, is on the hunt for another good story - and with the Monster Wave Supreme Grommet surfing competition in town, she's bound to find one!

It helps that her friend Fletcher is the favourite to win, but when his phone is tampered with and he's nearly knocked off the road by a motorbike, Scoop begins to suspect that there might be some foul play going on.

With the help of her trusty sidekick Evie, Scoop is determined to figure out who's behind it all, but untangling this case might not be that easy...

Waves of Mystery is another fantastic tale from Helen Castles, featuring a brilliantly dogged young reporter and some fiendish puzzles to solve.

There are lovely themes of friendship and standing up for what's right, all woven into a bouncy adventure that barely pauses to take a breath.

With plenty of twists, heaps of humour and a surprising ending to make young readers gasp, children will race through the book, eager to uncover the answers. A page-turning treat.

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