Saving Neverland

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Publisher: Puffin

Martha’s mum is hundreds of miles away being a ‘free spirit’ but Dad is busy and stressed. Which makes seven-year-old Scruff her responsibility. Although Martha’s only ten, she has given up hugs and make-believe because she needs to grow up. It’s the only way to avoid a repeat of the Terrible Day when Scruff nearly died.

But when golden dust appears in the bedroom and Peter Pan turns up demanding her help to save Neverland, she wonders if magic might exist after all. And when Scruff flies off into the night, Martha has no option but to follow.

In this reimagining of the classic story, Martha must reconcile her instinct to protect her vulnerable brother with the need to fulfil a perilous quest before Captain Hook’s curse destroys Neverland and childhood forever.

With riddles to solve, icesharks, snowtigers and other dangerous winterbeasts to defeat, and the threat of attack by an army of pirate ghosts, the action is relentless and thrilling. And success depends on faith and Martha’s rediscovery of her belief in magic and make-believe. 

Saving Neverland is inclusive, relevant and every bit as enchanting and quirky as the original Peter Pan but without the problematic stereotypes.

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