Sala, Mountain Warrior

Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

There's a school camping trip coming up, and Sala couldn't be more excited! She and her classmates are going to climb a big mountain, and it's sure to be challenging.

As the big trip approaches, Sala feels nervous. She's the only girl in the group and she's afraid that she'll get lost or not be strong enough to finish. But her grandmother reassures her that she is descended from warriors, their stories passed down through generations and captured in the special beads around her neck. 

Will Sala conquer the mountain and find a story of her own?

This lovely story set in Kenya, filled with bright illustrations, has a firm message that girls can be and do anything they want, including become mountain warriors! It also looks at the very special love between a grandmother and her grandchild and the power of the stories that we carry within families and communities. 

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