Saint Death

Publisher: Orion

Arturo lives in Anapra, one of the poorest neighbourhoods around the Mexican border city of Juarez, where drug lords rule and illegal people traffickers make their living from the poor and desperate. One night, when his childhood friend Faustino turns up after having disappeared for a year, it transpires that not only has he joined one of the criminal gangs, but that he's 'borrowed' some of his boss' money and can't repay it. Arturo has 36 hours to win it back for Faustino playing cards - but can he do it?

A tightly plotted, dark and thrilling tale of crime, poverty and desperation, Saint Death pulls no punches in painting a horribly accurate picture of life for the poorest young people in Mexico, where savage criminality may be the only choice.

Arturo and Faustino are beautifully drawn, and the story is completely compelling until the dramatic, tragic conclusion. There is some swearing and adult content.

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