Nick Sharratt’s Super Silly Museums

Publisher: Alison Green Books

You’ve heard of the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum… but what about the Pooseum, the Blueseum and the super sleepy Snoozeum? In this amazing, colourful and super silly book, the genius that is Nick Sharratt has created some rather unusual museums for you to enjoy, whether it’s the Fart Gallery at the Pooseum, the sleepiest animals at the Snoozeum or the optical illusions at the puzzling Confuseum.

On every double page, a card flap pulls open to reveal the wonders of each marvellous museum, illustrated in Sharratt’s recognisable style, complete with plenty of puns and jokes to keep everyone giggling. It’s a very funny book, but there are also lots of words to learn too, especially when it comes to animal names and all manner of other vocabulary-building words from quartz to blueberries.

Last, at the end of the book, there’s an opportunity to doodle and draw in the All-About-You-Seum, a lovely fold-out section with plenty of spaces to draw everything from an alien poo to a portrait of yourself when you’re grown up. Absolutely brilliant in every way.

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