Clarice Bean, Scram!

Publisher: Harper Collins

Clarice Bean is back! Clarice has her summer holiday ahead of her but seems like there is nothing to do and it’s so hot. Her best friend Betty Moody is on holiday, her big sister Marcie is grumpy as ever, and little brother Minal is as little as ever. Her neighbour Robert Granger is as annoying as ever. But one day that starts out as nothing ends up being filled with everything when Clarice’s parents need to go away for the weekend and a stray dog follows Clarice home, and won’t scram!

This charming and funny book is perfect for new readers with its short chapters, gorgeous illustrations to pore over and brilliant use of letter size and shape, which author and illustrator Lauren Child pioneered in her very first picture book, Clarice Bean, That’s Me back in 1999. The way the pages are designed add so much liveliness to the book and makes it extra exciting to read. There’s really no one quite like Clarice Bean and new fans can go back and read other Clarice Bean novels or maybe find Clarice Bean picture books to read to younger siblings. Clarice Bean, Scram! is also a great opportunity to find out about Ruby Redfort, the fictional detective character in the world of Clarice Bean. Ruby gets her own series of novels for older readers, starting with Ruby Redfort: Look Into My Eyes, which more confident readers may enjoy getting into.

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