Rugby Flyer

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Publisher: O’Brien

Munster boys Eoin and Dylan have been selected for prestigious rugby Youth Academy, although Eoin's excitement is tempered having been chosen by Leinster - Munster's arch-enemies. 

'Go!' urges his grandfather, giving Eoin a beautiful good-luck talisman, which was given to him by his elderly Russian neighbour, Mr Lubov.

Through Mr Lubov's window, Eoin glimpses a man in white shirt and shorts, but forgets about it in the excitement of Rugby Academy. Later, visiting Twickenham, Eoin sees a historical film-clip: it's the same man, and his name is Alexei Obolensky.  Why is he playing rugby for England. And what's his connection with Mr Lubov?

Vividly drawn, engaging characters and short, sparky chapters keep the action fast-paced in this absorbing story. It combines exciting sport tension, historical mystery and a ghost story. 

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