Rubbish Town Hero

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Corgi Children's

Chipo lives in Rubbish Town searching for things of value on Papa Fudu's dumpsite to exchange for a bit of money and enough food to keep him and his sister Gentle alive. But when Papa Fudu discovers that Chipo has tried to conceal a lucky find, he is suddenly in big trouble and, along with Gentle and dog Mouse, he finds himself on the run. This is the beginning of the children's search for a place to call home, encountering some exciting yet dangerous adventures along the way.

This is an absorbing, powerful and ultimately uplifting story about children living on their wits in a harsh environment, searching for the love and security a real family can give them. Balancing sadness with a sense of optimism and hope, this book would make an ideal stimulus for discussions about poverty, war, the environment and life in third world countries.

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