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Publisher: Hachette

If it is to withstand plenty of revisiting, an ideal book for toddlers need to be sturdy and also capable of retaining the child's interest time and time again. With its appealing animal characters to slot into the correct environment, Roar! is a huge favourite amongst parents and young children alike.

Fans of Dig, Dig, Digging! will welcome the paperback republication of Mayo and Ayliffe's collaborative exploration of how wild animals live and how they sound. Mayo's repetitive rhyming text engages even the youngest with its onomatopoeia, alliteration and assonance, and while it may sometimes fall short by poetic standards, it conveys its information admirably.

Ayliffe's bold illustrations are the book's real beauty, however, being simple, bold, funny, bright and characterful. Using brilliant primary colours, he skilfully captures the essence of each animal’s shape and movement, together with the detail of each habitat.

Each of the eleven creatures is depicted in double-page spreads, where text and picture intertwine to inform us about family groups, their homes and their behaviour.

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