Rida & Madiya

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Rida and Madiya are sisters but they couldn’t be less alike: Rida is tall, serious, and 11, whereas Madi is small, silly and 6. Rida loves the library, which is her place of solace and peace away from sharing a room with her little sister, who doesn’t seem to have an “off” switch.

Yet when the sisters discover that Rida’s beloved library is going to close, Rida volunteers to fundraise with a mehndi stall at the local town centre on weekends. However, it turns out that Madi has a gift for fundraising herself and is a brilliant performer. Despite the fact that Madi can be a pain, Rida realises that they work better as a team. Can they raise the money to save the library, or will sibling rivalry get in the way?

This fun, short read from the Bloomsbury Readers series, Rida & Madiya is a relatable story for all brothers and sisters who may have to accept each other’s irritating habits – and brilliant talents – from time to time.

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