Red Red Red

Publisher: Walker Books

Every toddler feels frustrated, sometimes – they scream, they shout, they see RED. 

This is a funny and relatable picture book for parents and carers, who know all too well how little things can escalate in the life of a toddler or preschooler – from wanting a biscuit to having a full-scale meltdown. 

The red scrawls throughout are a brilliantly visual way to demonstrate this, as you and your child watch them get bigger and bigger as you turn the pages. 

The book ends on a high, though. Mum talks her little one through some deep breathing as they count their way up to the number ten. The final page is an adorable cuddle between mum and child, with the red scribbles now turned into little red hearts. 

This is the perfect picture book story to share with little ones who can sometimes feel overwhelmed by their emotions. With its gentle rhyme, nicely spaced text and gorgeous illustrations, it's another hit from acclaimed author-illustrator Polly Dunbar.

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