Rebel Skies

Publisher: Walker Books

Kurara is a Crafter: she can manipulate paper with her mind, creating paper creatures that can walk and fly as if they’re alive. It’s an ancient ability, understood by few today, but feared by many, mostly because of the Shikigami. Giant paper animals made by ancient Crafters, Shikigami are alive and have their own will, but with their masters long gone, many have become wild and dangerous.

When Kurara’s home is destroyed by a Shikigami dragon, she and her best friend Haru flee, but Haru is terribly injured. The only way to save his life is if Kurara can find a way to impress the powerful Princess Tsukimi and get access to her private facilities, something that is much easier said than done. To get there, she joins a Shikigami hunting ship and must perfect her Crafter skills, taking a journey that will lead her to some shocking discoveries and to question both her own nature and the true nature of Shikigami.

This immersive adventure novel is set in a fascinating fantasy world, with a great mix of nuanced characters. The plotting and the character twists and turns will keep the reader hooked just as much as the action scenes.

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