Real-Life Mysteries

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Is there really a Loch Ness monster? Can people really bend a spoon using just their mind? Are crop circles really created by aliens? This book examines some of the biggest mysteries and apparent supernatural occurrences from around the world to try and figure out if they’re real – or something else.

Unexplained phenomena have been written and spoken about for centuries; science has rationalised some things, but many mysteries still remain unsolved. Here you can read eyewitness accounts then take a look at the evidence and see the scientists’ theories. Using written accounts and storyboard presentations, it’s a fascinating collection of case files covering everything from human combustion to alien engineering.

But what do you think? Examine and evaluate the evidence provided, then it’s up to you to decide what the truth is.

A great book for anyone who likes fun facts and to dip into books and pore over details and think about things a little differently. Engaging and entertaining, it also subtly helps readers learn how to discriminate and assess real facts from false or misleading ones, a useful skill for anyone to learn, especially in the age of ‘fake news.’

Winner of the Blue Peter Book Awards 2018 – Best Book with Facts.

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