Raj and the Best Day Ever!

Publisher: Templar Books


Dad and Raj have it all planned: they're having a day out together. They're going to the library, to the farm to drive the tractor, to watch boats on the river, to the café for lunch and then they'll come home on the bus.

Dad packs everything they need in his backpack, and they're off! Yet, when they go to take a brilliant book about superheroes out from the library, Dad realises that he's left his wallet at home.

Fortunately, Dad and Rav come up with some creative solutions that mean they can still do everything on their list, but when they get home, Dad can't find his keys either...

This fun and colourful read about everyday life reminds us that you don't need money to have a good time, and that the best days can sometimes be when things don't quite go to plan. Seb Braun's book about a forgetful dad and a resourceful son is full of detail and things to spot in the illustrations; it's fun for all the family.

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