Race to the Frozen North: The Matthew Henson Story

Publisher: Barrington Stoke


This little book tells the story of real-life adventurer Matthew Henson, the first American to reach the North Pole.

Matthew ran away from an abusive home when he was just 11 years old. He proved himself to be a hard-worker to everyone who ever gave him a chance, from the café owner who took him in as a boy to the sea captains who would take him on those perilous journeys across the oceans. Matthew was a great student of languages and a skilled craftsman but after achieving so much, he had to go back to a life of menial work and a pittance wage, all because of the colour of his skin.

This remarkable true story is written for young readers to enjoy, with simple clear language and printed on Barrington Stoke’s coloured paper in their accessible font to assist dyslexic readers.

Catherine Johnson is a bestselling author of historical fiction for teens and young adults and her light touch makes this incredible story an exciting read, which sheds an important light on the way prejudice has white-washed the way we learn about the past.

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