Questions and Answers about Money

Publisher: Usborne

What did people do before money? Why do we have to work? Does money make you happy?

These are just some of the questions under the spotlight in this fact-packed addition to the popular and appealing Usborne Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers series. Money can seem like a daunting and grown-up topic but understanding money from a young age can be both important and empowering.

This brilliant collection of question and answers presents the topic in a fun and easy to follow way, with the help of clearly defined headers, engaging flaps and the occasional quirky fact (one involving a hungry badger who uncovered a stash of ancient Roman coins!).

With insights from money expert and well-known math teacher Bobby Seagull, the book balances practical money management advice that can be applied to real world situations, with more general interest information. Each of the eight double pages covers a different area – there are sections on the history of money, earning money, managing money and how to know if something is a good or bad deal.

The format is excellent for visual learners and as a gentle introduction to big concepts. Most of the text and facts are hidden under the flaps and it is the bold, colourful graphics that tempt you in to finding out the answers.  

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