Queen of Freedom

Publisher: Pushkin Press

Set in Jamaica in the 1720s, this is the incredible true story of Queen Nanny, leader of the Maroons, a community of escaped slaves who have settled high up in the Blue Mountains. The Maroons are hunted by British soldiers, known as redcoats, and are either killed or returned to a brutal life of slavery.

Nanny is a courageous guerrilla fighter, with a skill for strategic thinking and tactical fighting, who does everything she can to protect the freedom of the Maroons. Her reputation for Obeah magic, a spiritual system of belief and healing from her homeland, enables her to spread rumours of dark magic, which terrifies the redcoats and helps to keep them at bay.

Part of the True Adventures series, this powerful tale raises awareness of a shocking episode in British history. Although it contains some fictional elements, the book is largely based on true events and real historical figures. It includes a map of Jamaica, factual information about Nanny and the Maroons, a timeline of events and a useful glossary, and features occasional black-and-white illustrations. The narrative contains distressing descriptions of slavery, violence and murder, so is unsuitable for younger readers. 

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