Queen of Darkness

Publisher: Bloomsbury

When sisters Rhianna and Eleri are thrown out of their home by their stepmother, Queen Boudica takes them in, believing fate has brought the Iceni girls to her. The sisters live in the palace, serve Boudica loyally and take lessons in combat from Garwen, a female guard - but when the king dies the Romans are furious at Boudica, who wants to break tradition and rule alone as queen.

Boudica won’t go quietly and rallies others to join her mission to defeat the mighty Romans. Rhianna and Eleri find themselves in the middle of a frightening military campaign, the brutality leading Rhianna to question Boudica’s humanity.

Children can travel back two thousand years to a very different Britain and experience the clamour of battle in this immersive historical tale. Boudica’s might is presented but there is no glorification of war or gore. However, themes such as human sacrifice and violence are depicted, so this story’s best suited for readers aged ten and over.

Queen of Darkness makes a legendary historical female icon fascinating and relatable. It will captivate readers who already have an interest in the Romans but as it doesn’t assume any prior knowledge it can be enjoyed by everyone.

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