Queen Munch and Queen Nibble

Publisher: Two Hoots

This is a story of a queen who loves to eat and one who does not. But, really, it is not about food issues at all. At its heart, it's more a celebration of difference and finding that little something in common with people, whoever they are. It's a message of tolerance that is absolutely needed - whether you are dreamy and introverted like Queen Nibble, or exuberant and robust like Queen Munch.

Of course, Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy shows her knack with a metaphor and similie, but she keeps the tone sweet, funny and pitched at children. Her imagery is wonderfully food-driven: 'cheeks as red as tomato ketchup' and 'eyes…the colour of chutney'. Queen Nibble is vividly described as being 'as tall and slender and pale as a stick of celery'.

The illustrations are bright and enticing and it's all presented beautifully, in the mould of a lovely hardback fairy tale.

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