Quantum Drop

Publisher: Hodder

Anthony, Tais, Lola and Ali are friends -  but when Tais is brutally attacked, leaving her in a coma, grief shatters their close-knit group. Anthony is haunted by a message on Tais’ voicemail, left by a man who threatened him as he cradled her battered body. 

Then the Teller demands to meet him in The Drop, a dangerous online world. Lola must create him an Altform ID, and Ali must guide him through the brutal world they actually inhabit, where credit brings money and power, and the Betta gang control everything. Against ruthless forces, can Anthony find Tais’s attacker?

This gritty, futuristic gangland thriller combines the boundary-blurring intensity and adrenalin of virtual gaming with convincing characters who are struggling to remain true to themselves.

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