Pumpkin Heads

A Graphic Novel

Publisher: Macmillan

Despite only seeing one another for a few weeks each autumn, Deja and Josiah have been best friends for years. Every September and October, they have shared shifts at the best pumpkin patch in the world, working mostly in the Succotash Hut serving traditional Halloween food to hungry visitors.

But tonight is their last shift together as they will both be leaving for college soon. While Josiah is characteristically gloomy about this end of an era, Deja is determined their final evening at work will be a memorable one.

She has a plan. And nothing fate can throw in her way will deter her from making sure the pair go out with a bang!

Packed with puns, visual jokes and realistic dialogue, this charming and absorbing graphic novel is brilliantly illustrated in shades of russet and gold that evoke a truly autumnal feel. The storyline is strong and unexpected, reflecting a diverse and inclusive young adult peer group.

Although the setting may be unfamiliar to readers in the UK, it gives a whirlwind tour of the traditions, food and activities that give a flavour of how Halloween is celebrated in the USA.

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