Publisher: Walker Books

Three toddler friends get ready to go out in the rain and do their favourite wet weather thing: splashing in puddles!

Wrapped up cosily in their all-over waterproof suits and wellies, the three friends revel in the splash from a passing cyclist, the splosh from a small muddy puddle and the splish from falling over in a humongous one. Finally, it’s time to go home, take off all the wet clothes and have a great big cuddle with their mums and dads. What a perfect day!

This delightful celebration of splashing in puddles is a joyous book, full of community, friendship and the pleasure of being outdoors, whatever the weather.  Parents and carers of little ones will know how fun “puddling” is and it’s nice to see this popular game reflected in a picture book.

Claire Alexander’s gorgeous, big, chalky illustrations are perfect for this book aimed at toddlers and their families, reflecting a good diversity of families and children - and the enjoyment that only splashing in a good puddle gives.

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