Professor Astro Cat’s Deep Sea Voyage

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

Did you know that giant sea spiders, seapigs and ghostly white snailfish roam the Hadal zone, the deepest part of the ocean which starts at 6000 metres under the surface of the ocean and ends at the bottom of the Mariana Trench? Or that the ocean looks blue because blue and purple light has a shorter wavelength than green, red and yellow, which get absorbed by the light when it hits the water? Or that all ocean life depends on tiny marine organisms called phytoplankton - tiny floating plants?

Professor Astro Cat is back with his friends Gilbert, Martha, Felicity, Evie and Astro Mouse, setting sail on an incredible deep sea voyage. Journeying to kelp forests and deep sea vents, witnessing giant squid battling sperm whales in the very deepest parts of the ocean and exploring the 2300 kilometres of the Great Barrier Reef, everyone’s favourite cat professor is as fun and fascinating a guide as ever to this most unknown of regions. Ben Newman’s illustration matches all the rest of the Astro Cat series in its retro appeal and clear layout, while Astro Cat’s team of animal explorers explain fascinating ocean facts to young readers in a totally accessible way. There’s lots to learn in this nice big hardback which is a great addition to any home or school library.

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