Prisoner of Ice and Snow

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Valor’s privileged family is brought to its knees when her sister, Sacha, is imprisoned for stealing a valuable music box from the royal household.

Seeing no other way to help her sister, Valor hatches a dangerous plan that will see her condemned to the same fate. After all, how can she free Sacha from an impenetrable ice fortress unless she, too, is on the inside?

As holes start to appear in Valor’s simplistic plan, the mystery of the original theft, the involvement of a royal prince and the cruelty of the penal system bring ever-greater challenges and complexity to the plot of this fantasy crime novel.

The bone-chilling cold of life in the ice-prison is so brilliantly evoked that you might find yourself reaching for an extra pair of socks or a hot water bottle. Ideal winter reading.

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