Press Start! Game On, Super Rabbit Boy!

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Sunny presses start and his new computer game Super Rabbit Land begins. In Animal Town the townspeople have fun all day. Singing Dog sings for them and everyone is happy. But King Viking, who lives on Mount Boom, is not happy. He kidnaps Singing Dog. Oh no! Super Rabbit Boy must complete all six levels of the quest and rescue Singing Dog. There are Robo-Crabs and Robo-Snakes to avoid. But will he have enough lives to do it?

This first chapter book has brightly coloured blockish illustrations designed especially to look like Minecraft and Lego and so has enormous young gamer appeal. Plus, the story begins a few scenes again after the character loses a life, which is an amusing reflection of computer games. The very short chapters and the relatively simple sentences – written in the present tense to add a sense of drama – mean that newly fluent readers will enjoy reading it themselves. It’s also great to read together, to engage children who might not see the point of reading, or who see it as a chore. The font has been chosen to aid reading, and there are occasional speech bubbles that add fun.

The first in a super-fun colourful and accessible young series aimed specifically at early readers.

Mae Sunny yn chwarae ei gêm gyfrifiadur newydd, Super Rabbit Land.

Yn y gêm, mae pobl y dref yn cael hwyl drwy'r dydd. Mae Singing Dog yn canu iddyn nhw ac mae pawb yn hapus. Ond mae King Viking, sy'n byw ar Mount Boom, yn herwgipio Singing Dog. Mae'n rhaid i Sunny – neu Super Rabbit Boy i roi enw arall arno – gwblhau pob un o chwe lefel y cyrch ac achub Singing Dog. Ond a fydd digon o fywydau ganddo i lwyddo?

Mae gan y llyfr penodau hwn ddarluniau blociog lliwgar iawn wedi'u dylunio'n arbennig i edrych fel Minecraft a Lego, fel bo'n apelio'n fawr at y rhai ifanc sy'n chwarae'r gemau hyn. Dyma'r cyntaf mewn cyfres liwgar, hawdd ei darllen a difyr dros ben sy'n benodol ar gyfer ddarllenwyr cynnar.

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