Prehistoric Actual Size

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

What would it be like to look a dinosaur in the eye? To meet an eight foot-tall bird? Or a six foot-long centipede? Sometimes it can be really hard to imagine how big or small something really is, especially something that became extinct several million years ago!

But Steve Jenkins' Actual Size books picture these animals – or parts of them, at least – in their actual size, giving a realistic idea of their scale and how that compares to you.

From teeny-tiny creatures to ginormous ones, you can meet a sea-scorpion with pincers the size of your own hand, a spikey, armour-plated fish the length of a finger, a horned rodent as long as your arm and many more.

A simple picture book with bold artwork that will catch children's attention, it's fascinating and ingenious. Text is kept to a minimum, giving just the vital statistics of each creature and putting the focus on the artwork, helping to bring prehistoric creatures to life and very effectively introducing the concept of scale. Readers of all ages will undoubtedly be captivated.

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