Pop-Up Peekaboo! Ocean

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

Embark on a mini ocean adventure with this vibrant, interactive book that introduces life under the sea.

With a simple rhyming text, readers travel through swishing seagrass, colourful coral, the deep dark ocean, blue-green kelp forests, and chilly polar waters and play peekaboo with the underwater creatures who live there. Who can you spot?

Hiding behind big page-sized flaps are stunning, moving pop-ups; there's a different animal behind each flap, from clownfish and jellyfish to a sea turtle and sea otter.

Playful language and beautiful, full-page illustrations as well as the irresistible (and somehow very satisfying) flaps make this a really joyful book, and one that you just want to pick up again and again.

Wonderful for little explorers, but also lovely and accessible for older readers that have difficulty accessing or engaging with lengthier books.

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