Pop and Peek Babies

Publisher: Templar Books

A family of whales are swimming in the ocean. What’s under the flap? It’s a whale calf! On another page, a pair of lions are resting in the sun. Where’s the baby? Ah – under the flap we find a lion cub!

Featuring five animal families, each double-page spread in this charming board book features a full-page flap to pull up opposite a picture of the parent animals. Each flap reveals a pop-up baby animal underneath.

As well as the nicely engineered pop-ups and flaps, which are always of interest to little ones, there’s a bit of language to learn too, such as the names of the animals and what their babies are called. There's also an element of number knowledge, such as a pair equals two and a group and a family can both mean more than two.

A lovely board book with a bright cover, which little ones will enjoy again and again.

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