Planet Rescue

Publisher: Patrick George

This innovative book allows readers to literally change the picture using clever see-through pages. Turning the page appears to move items from one ‘normal’ page to the opposite one, thus recreating the picture on each side to show a different perspective. There are several books in the series, but here the theme is how to help the planet and look after the environment – so as they turn the pages, readers are encouraged to ‘change the picture’ metaphorically as well.

Suggestions for ‘planet rescue’ include leaving the car at home (a parent and child change from travelling by car to travelling by bicycle) and picking up litter (a sea full of plastic bottles is emptied as the page is turned).

All the suggestions are environmentally positive ideas. Some pages demonstrate them more effectively than others, but it’s a clever and interesting way to start conversations about looking after the planet, as well as challenging perspectives about how we look at images and the world around us.

With a simple sentence on each page and images with bold colours and clear lines, it’s accessible and entertaining across a range of ages.

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