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Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Pizazz is a superhero, but she hates her superpower. In fact, she hates it so much that sometimes she’d rather let the baddies win than have to use it because it’s so embarrassing. Compared with her superhero family – Mum (superhero name Atomic), Dad (Ore) and Pizazz’s annoying little fire-breathing sister Red Dragon, who are forever diverting meteors from Earth, realigning planets or press-ganging her into fighting evil nemeses – Pizazz would just much rather eat ice cream and play with her hamsters.

Yet when Pizazz becomes an eco-monitor at school, she finds out that a local business – run by the dad of one of her school enemies – is planning to steamroller the nice local park and build a car park on it instead. Despite a disastrous initial presentation to the rather intimidating businessmen with her friend Ivy, Pizazz’s Grampa helps them hatch a plan which will bring the community together to protest the new car park – and, in so doing, provide an opportunity for Pizazz to use her actually quite fabulous superpower.

Sophy Henn’s new illustrated adventure aimed at younger to middle-primary school aged readers is perfect for fans of her previous series Bad Nana, with the same level of illustration and zany text throughout. Like Bad Nana, this is a humourous story about families, and in Pizazz’s case, about being someone who feels less powerful than everyone else, yet someone who can still make significant change happen. Pizazz’s local community protest might not be quite the same as saving the earth from being covered in snot, but it’s a down to earth, achievable and positive activity she can be proud of.

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