Pick a Perfect Egg

Publisher: Walker Books

Pick a perfect egg with care – choose a white one nestled there.

Then comes the boiling, the dyeing and the decorating. And finally the egg hunt! Gentle directions take the reader through the experience of creating beautiful eggs to treasure, and to appreciate.

While the egg hunt does end in a feast of chocolate, of course, the text brings us back to the decorated real eggs, which is a good reminder that Easter has various traditions around it.

Children will find the pages on dyeing the eggs fascinating – learning that porous shells drink up dye, for instance, so that if you draw on your egg with white crayon beforehand, that area will not be coloured by the dye. Lovers of arts and crafts will be inspired!

The tone of the text is warm and encouraging, and the soft illustrations showcase the beautiful variety of colours available in the world – on eggs, in clothing and in nature. There is a community egg hunt at the end, which shows the joy in fun to be had together.

It's refreshing to find an Easter book that is very child-friendly, and isn't religious, while not focusing on chocolate and bunnies! Charming, with beautiful illustrations.

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