Peril en Pointe

Publisher: Chicken House

Ballet is in Milly’s blood: her mum’s a famous ballerina and Milly dreams of being as good as her. But her last performance was a complete disaster, her mum has mysteriously disappeared, and now she’s had to quit ballet school.

So when she receives a surprise invitation to join Swan House School of Ballet, she jumps at the opportunity. Except Milly soon discovers Swan House isn’t quite what it seems...

Peril en Pointe mixes together classic elements of boarding school ups-and-downs, ballet dreams and a super sleuth crime mystery into one page-turning novel. Milly must figure out how to nail the perfect jeté, navigate new friendships and old enemies, and memorise The Guide to Espionage – because, yes, Swan House is also a school for spies! Plus there’s Milly’s highly classified mission to extract important information from a rival ballet school – because all the clues suggest they’re involved in the kidnap of Milly’s mum.

Full of twists and turns both on and off the stage, this is a really fun read, especially for fans of Robin Stevens or Katherine Woodfine. Milly is plucky and courageous, and the plot will keep readers guessing right to the final pages.

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