Peanut Jones and the Illustrated City

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

When 12-year-old Peanut’s dad mysteriously disappeared, it seems like he took all the fun and colour from life with him - because since then everything’s gone wrong. Peanut’s had to start a terribly boring new school which only cares about Maths - NOT the right fit for someone who would rather be drawing. Her big brother won’t hang out with her anymore, and her mum’s seriously sleazy boss seems intent on taking her mum out for dinner. The only people in Peanut’s life who seem to care are her younger sister Little-Bit and the annoying kid from school, Rockwell.

But there’s a world hidden behind a secret door filled with strange and wonderful things – a world Peanut unlocks with a pencil. And suddenly, Peanut is transported to the dazzling illustrated city of Chroma, where art and creativity are everywhere and her new friends include a giant talking alligator and a dog made entirely of scribbles. Armed only with a magical pencil and her imagination, Peanut finds herself in the resistance against the ruthless Mr White – the city mayor who wants to rid Chroma of its colour and beauty – and hunting for her lost father.

The first book in Rob Biddulph’s breathtaking new trilogy, and his first aimed at slightly older readers, heaves with imaginative ideas and brilliantly original characters (the useless superhero Table Guy, whose sole power is making tables fly, is sure to be a firm favourite). Each chapter is short and utterly engrossing, and almost every page is filled with stylish black and red illustrations, bringing Peanut’s world to life. We can’t wait for the second book.

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