Peace on Earth

Publisher: Walker Books

Peace on earth – what a wonderful idea that would be! The idea of a sparkling, joyful world is a beautiful one. Yet, sometimes, we can hurt each other, and feel the fires of rage burn deep within us. At times like that, it’s hard to find a sense of peace. 

What we do have, as humans, is the marvellous tool of speech, which can bring peace – and our hearts, which can be pure and loving. When we look deep inside our hearts, we can find peace there: ultimately, peace on earth can be found in the moments when we dare to dream of a better world – and when we feel peace within ourselves. 

This gorgeous rhyming picture book from the dream team behind Rain Before Rainbows,a book about having hope during difficult times, is a feast for the eyes and a restful and reassuring read for little ones. With a gentle theme of conciliation after conflict and love over anger, it’s a great introduction both to helping young children manage and acknowledge their emotions, and perhaps a book that could be used to help explain bigger conflicts in the world. 

David Litchfield’s technicolour, rainbow-rich illustrations are full of vivid joy, and Halls’ text is as masterly as we have come to expect.  

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