Party for Dads

Publisher: Egmont

It’s Anna’s dad’s birthday, but instead of staying at home to play, he has to go to work, so Anna and her friends spend the day organizing a brilliant birthday party for him and all his dad friends when he gets home. The kids make a towering birthday cake, iced in the most delicious icing, write out the invitations and plan some dad-tastic party games.

When the dads arrive, they’re instructed to put their phones away and dress up in some rather fabulous outfits from the dressing-up box. Next, it’s time for games – even if some of the dads get rather competitive when it comes to musical chairs, and impatient that the pass-the-parcel isn’t going as fast as it might. Then, there’s some classic dad dancing and a party tea where some dads definitely overindulge. Last, all the dads get special awards, including Anna’s dad, who is the best at having fun.

This rhyming book is a lovely celebration of everything we love about dads: silliness, games, embarrassing dancing and cuddles (and perhaps even their competitive dad behaviour), featuring a delightfully diverse array of dads and kids, and a reminder to all that you’re never too old to have some old fashioned kids party fun.

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