Outside In: Nature Poems

Publisher: Collins

This is a wonderful collection of 50 poems inspired by the natural world. Each poem explores and celebrates a different aspect of nature, from animals, plants and wild spaces to weather, seasons and evolution. 

There’s something for everyone in this thoughtful compilation: 'Mud' is a joyful verse which revels in the squelchy delights of sticky mud; a poignant poem entitled 'Always Look for Sunshine' encourages readers to hold on to hope, even when the skies are gloomy and grey; 'Your Garden is Amazing!' celebrates the wonder of the smallest things, such as a spider’s web, a rose’s thorn or a snail’s glistening trail; and 'Two Sides of Nature' can cleverly be read from start to finish and then in reverse, to provide two opposing viewpoints about the value of nature.  

Perfect for anyone with a love of the outdoors, this collection is ideal for classroom use and is sure to inspire budding young poets to take their inspiration from the environment.

Charming, colourful illustrations fill every page, helping to bring the poems to life. 

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