Out of the Depths

Publisher: Bloomsbury


When Tyler Lawless sees her dead teacher in the supermarket queue, everyone blames her overactive imagination. Moving to a new school, she tries to start afresh, but her strange ability to see the dead begins to complicate matters when she encounters the ghost of a murdered boy, Ben, who begs for her help.

As her new friends turn against her, and she finds herself in trouble with her parents, and even the police, Tyler grapples with fear and self-doubt as she struggles to help Ben. But as she works to unravel the mystery of his death, her interventions soon prove to have some dramatic and unexpected effects.

 The first in a spooky and gripping new series, Out of the Depths introduces us to a likable heroine with a strange and sometimes terrifying gift. Both existing fans of Cathy Macphail and those who are new to her books will find much to enjoy in this well-crafted blend of thriller and ghost story.

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