Out of the Clouds

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Oliver Coggin lives in Dizzy Perch, a wonderfully wonky house on top of the cliffs. The Starwater villagers can't understand why anyone would live up there…unless they've got something to hide, are in trouble, or just plain peculiar. His pa has been missing since the autumn, with no word of where he is or when he's coming back.

Oliver has to do everything - shopping, cooking, cleaning - and he's fed up of looking after grandpa, mum, Titch and Lottie. But one evening he hears grandpa ask mum for the key to Pa's emergency chest. Oliver is intrigued - what's hidden in the chest? Why won't mum open it? And what on earth is pa doing that's so top-secret? Oliver is determined to find out!

A heart-warming story by award-winning Diana Hendry about a boy who is missing his father and has quite an adventure trying to find him.

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