Our Tower

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

Three children who live in a very high, grey tower hear the song of a tree calling them. They creep out of the tower, past the cars and lampposts, to the woods that border the estate. There, inside the tree, they meet a tree-grown man who gives them a magic stone. Through the hole in the stone they see their Tower re-imagined. Instead of windows, it has eyes of love. It has an elevator mouth. It has balcony brows.

Adults have forgotten the wonder in the everyday, but these children see that there is power in the smiles of their neighbours and magic in the kindness of others. There is a beauty to the community of their Tower.

Written in a lyrical, rhyming lilt, this is a celebration of all who live in towers, on estates. Imagination, nature and adventure are as much theirs as anyone’s. Richard Johnson’s stunning illustrations perfectly reflect the dream-like quality of the story, his use of glowing lights in particular making each spread a visual treat. Based on Joseph Coelho’s experience of searching for adventure while growing up in a tower block, this beautiful book will linger long in the imagination.

Mae tri phlentyn sy'n byw mewn tŵr llwyd uchel yn clywed cân coeden yn galw arnyn nhw. Maen nhw'n cropian allan o'r tŵr, heibio i'r ceir a'r polion lampau, i'r goedwig sy'n ffinio â'r stad. Yno, mewn coeden, maen nhw'n cyfarfod â dyn wedi tyfu mewn coeden sy'n rhoi carreg hud iddyn nhw. Trwy'r twll yn y garreg maen nhw'n gweld eu tŵr mewn gwedd newydd. Yn lle ffenestri, mae llygaid cariadus, ceg ydy'r lifft ac eiliau ydy'r balconïau.

Wedi'i ysgrifennu mewn sigl odledig telynegol, mae hwn yn ddathliad o bawb sy'n byw mewn blociau o fflatiau ac ar stadau.

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