Our Incredible Library Book and the wonderful journeys it took

Publisher: Floris Books

Each book has two stories – the tale the words tell, and the tale of the journey it’s been on as well…. Follow the journey of this very book as it is enjoyed by reader after reader. It is passed from Nia to Luis to Hanna to Farhan, from bedroom to armchair to park bench, and back to the library to await its next reader. Every child and their family loves sharing the book, and cleverly, as events happen, such as being chewed by a dog, the effects are shown on the pages. They look slightly creased, gather smudges of dirt, and in one scene they even have gooey marshmallow dripped on them. This book has been well loved!

The bright, textured illustrations depict a vibrant community of children from all backgrounds, with different family set-ups. Going to the library is a regular part of their routine, and they are shown sharing books with great joy. Readers will enjoy spotting each named child in the library scenes.

The rhyming text has a wonderful rhythm that makes it easy to read aloud, and the overall feel is of delight in the magic of books. This would be perfect to have in a school library, and to share at home.

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