Orphans of the Tide

Publisher: Puffin

When a mysterious boy emerges from a beached whale, the residents of The City are convinced he's the Vessel - the host for the dreaded Enemy. In fact, young inventor Ellie is the only one who believes he's innocent...

As the ruthless Inquisitors try to track down the boy to kill him and destroy the Enemy, will Ellie be able to keep him safe? How will the last Vessel's diaries help them figure out what to do next? And will Ellie be able to keep her own secrets under wraps in the meantime?

Orphans of the Tide is a magnificent adventure full of peril, twists and thrilling cat-and-mouse chases. The world of the City is impeccably crafted, vivid and believable - the cluttered workshops and dripping stone walls seem so utterly real.

Ellie is a magnificent heroine, too; while she's full of spark and fighting spirit, she's also struggling to cope with the death of her brother. As we discover more and more about her, things just get even more interesting...

Dark, thrilling and jaw-dropping, Orphans of the Tide is a must-read for anyone who fancies being whisked away on a journey as stormy as the seas surrounding the City.

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