One Gorilla

Publisher: Walker Books

Former Children's Laureate Anthony Browne is well-known for his love of primates: his most popular books include the classic Gorilla and the Willy the Wimp series. In this simple but beautifully-presented counting book, he returns to this favourite subject, helping even the youngest children to learn to count from one gorilla right through to ten lemurs. The final pages have an unexpected surprise in store, as the reader discovers that Browne - and they themselves - are part of the same big family.

Browne's exquisitely-detailed and beautifully-coloured illustrations are full of character, meticulously capturing the different personalities of his animal subjects, and bringing new depth to a first counting book. One Gorilla is a gorgeous book that will delight fans of Browne's work, and is certain to engage very young readers and their parents alike.

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