Ollie’s Magic Bunny

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

One day, Ollie takes her toy bunny outside to play in the rainy, windy day. When a petal falls on bunny’s nose, Ollie is amazed that he wrinkles his nose, and then hops out of her basket altogether! But before she knows it, Bunny has disappeared and she doesn’t know where to find him. Worse – the rain has come!

Despite the weather, Ollie and Bunny go on a marvelous adventure, aided by the yellow umbrella. And when it’s time to go to bed, bunny becomes a toy again – but there’s always time tomorrow for another adventure, whatever the weather.

Nicola Killen’s soft, sepia pencil gives Ollie and Bunny’s adventures a sensitive feel, with the gold detailing and cut-outs giving extra interest to this quiet but lovely tale of a toy come alive. Perfect for all little owners of favourite bears, bunnies and other special friends.

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