Olive and the Big Secret

Publisher: Brubaker, Ford & Friends

Molly the rabbit has a big secret . She shares it with her best friend Olive the cat and asks her not to tell anyone.

Olive tries hard to keep Molly's secret. She doesn't tell Jessie. She doesn't tell Ziggy. But when she sees Joe, she just has to tell him. Then Joe tells his swim partner Matt. Matt is not good at keeping secrets and tells Lola and Bea. When Lola finishes her milkshake, she rushes off to tell her best friend…Molly, who is furious!

Keeping a secret is hard and can test friendship to its limits. Expressive and humorous  illustrations accompany this delightful story, whose ultimate message is that the only way to keep a secret is not to keep it to yourself, however tempting it may be to share it.

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