Old Enough to Save the Planet

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Publisher: Magic Cat Publishing

Twelve incredible young people around the world mobilise their communities to fight climate change. In Australia, Shalise cleans the beach near her home and has persuaded the council to provide bins for fishing lines, so fewer marine animals are at risk of getting tangled. Over in France eleven-year-old Vincent, concerned about the impact of intensive farming, has set up an allotment so everyone in his village can enjoy local, organic produce; there’s even a beehive! Meanwhile, in India, nine-year-old Himangi has made school journeys safer and cleaner by encouraging families to ditch cars for cycle or rickshaws instead. She’s been so successful, nearby schools have followed suit.

Like seeds for change, facts about ecology and biodiversity are scattered over the pages, and there are top tips on being a good global citizen. Each story features just a paragraph or two of text and sentences float around the page, making a weighty subject matter accessible and light. Charming illustrations in muted tones span whole spreads inviting readers to reach out to touch the beautiful pages.  

This is a book to treasure and so too are the young people whose stories it contains. Celebrating young activists, in style, it will inform and inspire many more.

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